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Smart-Bit® Pro Plug System for Wood 100 Count Kit

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Simplifies top-down deck installation
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Abaco tropical hardwood is dense, and if you’re installing solid-edge decking, pre-drilling is a must. And if you want a smooth, clean surface, you’ll need to cover the screws with wood plugs. A lot of work, but necessary for best results. 

This kit will be your best friend when you’re doing a top-down deck installation. 

The Pro Plug System eliminates time-consuming, messy steps like chiseling and rolling plugs in glue. It dramatically cuts installation time: you can drill, screw, glue and plug in 20 seconds. 

The tool pre-drills and counterbores a perfect hole for the included screws and wood plugs. The glue nozzle makes applying wood glue accurate and quick. It attaches to standard wood glue bottles (not included) and fits in the countersink hole. 

Note: One Pro Plug tool is needed to install 100 square feet of deck.

100 Count Kit components:

  • 1 Pro Plug Tool for Wood
  • 2 standard-size replacement drill bits with Powerbolic fluting to cut through dense hardwood
  • 1 stub bit (for plug-only installations)
  • 1 hex wrench (use to replace drill bits)
  • 100 matching face grain wood plugs
  • 100 or more grade 305 2.5-inch stainless steel screws
  • 1 Pro Plug glue nozzle (glue not included)

Offer available only in the continental U.S.  

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Smart-Bit® Pro Plug System for Wood 100 Count Kit

Unit of Measure Each
Availability - Lead Time 5 days
Manufacturer Starborn Industries
Assembly Required