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Smart-Bit® Pro Plug System for Wood 1,050 Count Kit

Model # 133980
SKU # 133980
Covers 300 square feet of decking
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Massaranduba is a dense hardwood. Pre-drilling is a must when you’re installing solid-edge Abaco massaranduba decking. For the finest results, you’ll also need to plug screw holes with matching wood for a clean, fastener-free look. 

Speed up this time-consuming process by using the Pro Plug System for top-down deck installations. 

With the Pro Plug System, you can drill a hole, insert a screw and glue a wood plug in 20 seconds! No messy chiseling and rolling plugs in glue. 

The tool pre-drills and counterbores a perfect hole for the included screws and wood plugs. The glue nozzle attaches to a standard wood glue bottle and accurately applies glue. You’ll install your deck faster and get great results. 

Kit covers 300 square feet of decking. 

1,050 Count Kit components:

  • 3 Pro Plug Tools for Wood
  • 6 standard-size replacement drill bits with Powerbolic fluting to cut through dense hardwood
  • 3 stub bits (for plug-only installations)
  • 3 hex wrenches (use to replace drill bits)
  • 1,050 matching face grain wood plugs
  • 1,050 or more grade 305 2.5-inch stainless steel screws
  • 3 Pro Plug glue nozzles (glue not included)

Offer available only in the continental U.S.  

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Smart-Bit® Pro Plug System for Wood 1,050 Count Kit

Unit of Measure Each
Availability - Lead Time 5 days
Manufacturer Starborn Industries
Assembly Required