Specifications Abaco Ipe
Density 60 lbs/ft3 59 lbs/ft3
Maximum Crushing Strength 11,619 psi 9,920 psi
Shearing Strength 2,798 psi 2,396 psi
Work to Maximum Load 17 inch-lbs/in3 21 inch-lbs/in3
Janka Hardness Test* 3,190 lbs 3,680 lbs
Strength Properties    
Bending Strength (MOR) 29,200 psi 22,500 psi
Modulus of Elasticity (stiffness) 3,450,000 psi 2,920,000 psi
Recommended Joist Span 24 in o/c 24 in o/c

*ASTM D1037-99. Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials
*ASTM D143-94(2000) e1 Standard Methods of Testing Small Clear Specimens of Timber